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Looking for a laugh? You've come to the right place!

Your posts better be funny or you will be visited in the night by a killer_llama

Poem/Song/Anything Parodies
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Community co-moderated by opheliablue.

This community is for having a laugh and making other people laugh.

If you wish to post something yourself, it should be a parody of a poem/song/whatEVER. We expect it to be funny, obviously.

You may wish to rewrite your own version of a particular poem or song or alternatively, a song or poem in the style of a particular artist or, more generally, a song/poem in a particular style.

If you are posting a rewritten version of a particular song or poem, please post the original version as well as your rewritten version. The original version should go first in your post, followed by your rewritten version. Both of these should be behind LJ cuts.

Please also feel free to post any parodies that you find elsewhere, crediting the person/place if possible. If not possible, sod it - post it anyway.

There are no rules apart from that.

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